Sunday, November 30, 2008

fassbinder fascination or names starting with the letter A

so, having a name that starts not only with A, but with Ab means that whenever someone's phone accidentally calls someone, it accidentally calls me. i get a lot of frightening voice mails that i am forced to try and decode. a couple of nights ago, Corey's phone called me repeatedly throughout the night. apparently, she spilled mountain dew all over her phone before going to bed. as she slept, her phone left me several ghostly dead-air messages. they freaked me. tonight i got a five minute long message from an unknown number in virginia that i, after minutes of listening to it, realized was a warbled version of the cha-cha slide, being played in some sort of club. oh my life as a name starting with A. thanks, world.

on another note,
jack and i watched a horrible queer movie a few nights ago called, not surprisingly, Querelle.
for the second half of the film, i tried not to barf (truly). after jack left, i laid in front of the toilet for a half hour...
and slept with a bucket next to my bed. but this had nothing to do with the film. it was probably from eating expired vegan cookies.
anyway, here. take a few minutes and watched this abridged version:

you get the point.
anywho, this evening eileen and i relaxed and partook in one of our favorite pastimes, lesbian film club.
we watched one called High Art.
it was pretty good.
except that, like almost all queer movies, it ended in the main character dying.
and really, the plot was moving somewhere. somewhere good. somewhere interesting. when all of a sudden, she dies. we dont even know how. and that really was it. cut and print. stupid. anyway, her lover is this creepy german actress who apparently gained fame starring in Fassbinder films.
now, i didn't really know who this Fassbinder fellow was, but i figured i should know, because he is mentioned in two Laurie Anderson songs. so i IMDB'd him after High Art petered out.
apparently, he wrote and directed Querelle.
i feel like i deserve an apology from everyone involved.
where are all the good gay films. anyone? anyone? let me know.

Monday, November 17, 2008


hello, hello.
i just wanted to say hey,
ive been sproutin.

black beans, pinto beans, and brown rice.

and let me tell you, when i first saw those little tails peaking out, i could have cried.
we did a project in second grade, finding out if red, blue, yellow, or sunlight would grow a plant the fastest. i dont remember which light i used, but my plant never grew. nothing. it was heartbreaking, as were many things in gradeschool. however, i feel completely redeemed and elated now, due to my sprouts. however, i worry that they may secretly rot and i will have no idea.
anyway, speaking of beans, i also started a new book called "the beans of egypt, maine" which arrived in the mail yesterday. it was a complete impulse buy, that sprang fourth after reading this article, sent to me by Jessica Leigh Gravedigger Ferlic.