Wednesday, January 23, 2008

yo yo yo

I'm back in the saddle.
Abby yelled at me for not contributing enough to our collaborative blog...
so, here goes.

These are some drawings and comics I did while I was in Northern Ireland. I spent a semester there studying conflict, inventing cheese snacks and having bad luck. (go figure. go fig a fig newton.)

(This last one was inspired by time my brother Brendan and I spent WWOLFing- working on an organic farm in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland.)

That's all I gots for now.
For everyone's information: this weekend is AQUARIUS BIRTHDAY FUNTOWN WEEKEND. Abby and I (and Paul Newmon and Ellen DeGeneres) will be celebrating our birthdays. Shower us with gifts and love. Give us showers. Bathe us. Get naked.


zoo kingdom said...

mom! these are great! yessssss. the colored drawing of your legs and shorts is really nice. OKAY!

Ghetto Satisfaction said...

the second and third one are fucking brilliant. the others are just brilliant.


assuming this is eileen, this comics are great. a few days ago abby complained that you never posted because you were afraid to put stuff on the internet (to which i replied, "whatever man, i love puttin shit on the internet!).

anyway, thank you for overcoming this fear. these are AMAZZZZZING. duh.