Monday, February 18, 2008

my girlfriend's on the pill, can you dig it?

i just dropped my sketchbook and this tumbled out. i love my best friiiiin.

she made me this loveeeeely artistbook/zine/card/amazing.
the other reason i love her is, she knows just what i need, when i need it. for example, i was pouting last night and it seemed that nothing could save me. i left the room for a little bit, and when i came back this was playing:

how did she know? (late night record shop) needless to say, i felt worlds better after listening to this song.

i was going to do a comic about the horrible PMS i (and everyone around me) was forced to endure last week, but on one of my lower days toby made me this which pretty much summed it up:

its all blurry and unreadable because i carried it around with me all week.


tuesday bassen said...

I can dig it.

Eileen said...

ryeah, mom!
i'm glad you liked it.
soon i will put up my version of that fateful valentines day.

i'm kinda complusive
i'm kinda complusive

tuesday bassen said...

I like you because you are Chris Crean in your spare time.


jenny. said...

toby is a dreamboat! he knows about women, that man does. he even makes PMS comics. dreamboat.

Ed Moorman said...

this time it's the purple one (pattern) that's not comin up. you should reload like Arnie in Termina(l illness)ator 2.

I was going to leave a facebookin but I remembered you saying that you're into blogging, if you know what I meant. you know?
(if you remember, we were once walking down the stairs and I said to Em, "do you know what I mean?" and she said, "-I- Know what you mean," and I replied "No, you don't.")

I gave you a shoutout on the update to my site tonight, just re-updated 20 mins ago, as a a backatcha for yours to me in your link seckshun.

I think your cute drawings of Eileen shows affection for her in the same way that mine of Toby do.

I wouldn't quite call him a dreamboat but I wouldn't refute Jenny's argument, and Jesus was a sailor who walked upon the water, and I'm a drowning ma'am, man... I mean...

what pill, anyway? stress-B?

Ed Moorman said...

ps. "mostly good" also isn't showing up big.

can you bring my enneagram book next time you're by?

tuesday bassen said...

I check your blog at least twice a day.