Saturday, May 24, 2008

if i was gonna kill you, i'd use my hands

spent the past two days vacationing with jane in and around my house and home. lake hariett and naps took shape, watching the glenn gordon sail across the water. front lawn, listening to kate bush and painting. reading fannie flagg and eating mozarella cheese outside. tonight, there have been rilled vegetables with carissa, babs, jane, and the germs. goodbye, yellow brick road.

but its not all fantasy. i will admit spare moments for lost... (which is what i typed into google to find this beauty.) missing my locals ed, eileen, jenny... and the not-so-locals, leslie and molly, to name a few. come home to me so we can eat beer.


Midnight Society said...

I want to eat beer with you.

jenny. said...

OH, we're going to eat it all.

i'll be back sunday!!!