Saturday, September 13, 2008



whitney said...

very good. you draw yourself weird!

Midnight Society said...

Obviously this is brilliant and you need to get it published, that goes without saying. I wanted to say that your panel with me in Seattle is pretty much how I look back on it all. Draw me more!!!! I'll draw something for you at work on Friday if I don't have to study.

Rufio refines Peter Pan said...

Abby: You have outdone yourself once again, I watch you, you know?

lets get together and make love. the passionate kind that involves art and our bodies, like the blue brackish rush do not fuss when I am on top of you, my beckoning owl.

your secret admirer, your worshiper

Zachary Nash said...

Why don't you just get a house boat so you can sail down to Louisiana whenever it gets cold?

E.C.C. said...

this is so righteous - thank god carl gave me this link.

i especially like the frames with the zooming tiny dream houses.

check this out: