Sunday, October 12, 2008

all the real girls

i think this picture was the original reason eileen and i started this blog.
we both seperately rented "Smoke Signals" and watched it, without knowing the other had it.
now that i have a computer of my own, i can finally look at some old pictures. and i found the following gems/creepy images:
(fridge oyster)

(my cool sister)

(jack adding extra frosting to a donut while watching gay porn or something)

(the right to GORILLA arms!!)


(tiny camera for tiny friend)

(hi from eileen. i found a much more amazing picture of her, but i figured she'd kill me if i shared it)

(everything that is important)

(we tipped the pianist with hats instead of money. i think he wanted to breathe fire at us)

and of course, who could forget this amazing series??? NOT ME! i'm calling it "Kelly's Hair:"

goodnight, comrades.


Midnight Society said...

OOOhhhh. Look how tiny and cute Maddy is. She's the bestest. I like that picture of Eileen. Tell her to post, fool!.

Also, how funny is it that we both posted something about Vicksburg??!!! Yay South!

Nerdlinger said...

I like "sleepy grandma" best.

Rufio refines Peter Pan said...

Abby Eileen: OMGLOLOMGLOLOLOL! I have the soundtrack for smoke signals, actully 2 copies, i meant to give one to abby but i fogort. want one?? its amaz. the pic of Jack and the donut is like a heartattack, the kind i like.

Wife of Harrington said...

Hey Vik-ter. (This is mo by the way.)

Ben Innes said...