Saturday, April 19, 2008


i recently finished the second book of several regarding one Chris Crean. This is his highschool yearbook. complete with the statements he wrote on other people's pictures. Crean, apparently, didn't fully understand the way yearbooks work, writing his sentiments and comments for and to others in his own. It has a color cover, black and white interior. Printed on the konika semi-gloss paper. If you are interested in purchasing/trading for one, let me know!

I am also beginning work on a book of screen shots about Crean's facebook is random taste:

there is more of us than i thought.


lil red riding hood said...

dearest abby: You really are a beautiful artist,
Sorry about Thursday I cut my finger open with a fork, I didn't know this was possible but I feel that anything is possible for me, isn't that absurd but lovely at once? I'm going on a date, whatt???? with a Parisian, teach me the lingo or I will have to seduce her with my hand gestures.
I ran in the rain today and came across a bouquet of mushrooms, I wear them in my hair now.
I miss you dreadfully, I'm confident that your final jungle is indicative of your brilliance.
Love and Valor to you

Midnight Society said...

Oh, I hope one of my messagesmakes it into a screen shot! I'll post something beautifully witty and clever right now.

prepare to be blown....


jenny. said...


Midnight Society said...

Chris Crean wishes you a happy graduation, and hopes you can slice him some deli meat sometime in the future.