Wednesday, December 10, 2008

return to oz: possibly the greatest film ever made.

and those ruby slippers. have i ever coveted anything more? no.

I watched Return to Oz tonight with Shea and Kelly. I Decided it is probably my favorite movie. And I have seen a lot of movies. I guess Toby will have to tell Hassoun that my favorite isn't The 400 Blows, which takes away all my street cred. But I dont CARE. The truth is more important.

Watching this movie without Molly was weird. We know the entire thing by heart. Even the motions and the sounds are lodged somewhere in my memory, like when Aunt Em washes eggs. I used to do this with plastic easter eggs in the sand on my grandma's lake.


Midnight Society said...

Favorite character: Tic Tock, the Royal Army of Oz.

Some quotes for you:

"O... Z.... Oz."

"I'm sorry, Mom!"
"Don't worry, Jack. It can't be helped now!"

"Is that a STOLEN lunch pale? And isn't that a CHICKEN in there with you?!"

"Oh cowardly lion, what's happened to you? And Tin Woodsman! Oh, Tin Woodsman..."

By the way, I think two of our favorite movies end in the same way. Give the answer and you win a prize...

Midnight Society said...

One more:

"He broke his leg, Aunt Em.
"That leg's mended, it's mended."

abigail said...

oh man, can you give me a clue? im thinking, im thinking....

Ed Choy Moorman said...

normal Oz is a big inspiration for the upcoming senior proj. so I want to watch this of course. do you have it?

Midnight Society said...


Ben Innes said...

i can haz update?

Midnight Society said...

I don't remember what my answer to that quiz question was, but it might have been that both Return to Oz and Labryth end with the man lady falling through the sky...? Perhaps.

Really, seriously folks. It's been two months and I needs a post.