Sunday, February 8, 2009

for all the queens.

for the past few months i have moved into research mode, and have not been drawing or creating much at all, aside from 'here and there' moments. however, it feels necessary to post something to keep my world alive! so for now, let me paint you a picture of my current thoughts through videos! also, in the moments before falling asleep last night i visualized a headpiece made entirely of fake birds, some about to take flight.

not my favorite barbara moment, but it's better than nothing:

my old love laurie has resurfaced with a vengeance:

esme rodriguez has me under her spell:

the balls:

the love of my life, thanks to eileen:

reality is for people who don't own the perfect wig.
does anyone want to go to costume/magic shops with me this week?

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Midnight Society said...

I am sad that I am no longer considered molly genius. I will have to do something brilliant