Saturday, February 28, 2009

for all the creans

Hey, i just had to give a shout out to my bud Chris Crean, who made an appearance at the Walker Art Center last week! Now, let me tell you he was really nervous, so we are all pretty proud of him. He was selling his first 'zine, a photocopy of his most recent journal entries. What a guy! Here are a few images from it, to entice yule:

other than that, NOTHING!


chris crean said...

thx! thx! it was really scary, but i did it! cant wait to dance with you next time i visit the cities.

Rufio refines Peter Pan said...

Dear chris crean your map creation is so cool, I am proud of you. I am excited to see your owner abigail mullen, I have not seen her for ages and ages, Please let her know that i miss her jokes, abstract thoughts, as well as her witty advice. Also maureen is coming! have you met her? she is the apple in my eye- this is a line from an akon song. do not pity me but learn from my misfortunes, goodbye for now chris!
love and poplar trees- there is one fidgeting outside my window,
love-(but i just want to be friends, ok?)
-rufio refines peter pan

Midnight Society said...

I am waiting patiently for pics and drawings from NOLA to hit the blog.

Fossil on a Paper said...